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            About PuneFoodHub.com

            PuneFoodHub.com is an initiative under project "Implementing BDS in MSMEs" by SIDBI for development of Pune Food & Vegetable processing cluster. Apex Cluster Development Services (ACDS) is working as facilitating agency for this project in Pune Food & Vegetable Cluster. The basic objective of the Pune Food Hub is to increase and improve online presence of businesses associated with Food Processing Industry based in and around Pune.

            This portal is ultimately going to help a lot many people to set up their own SMEs and helping them to bridge the gap between the prospective entrepreneurs, the suppliers and venders of the product manufacturing equipments and the public who is interesting in buying the finished product at very competitive prices.

            About Project

            With an intent to facilitate developmental initiatives, SIDBI is implementing a multi-agency / multiactivity flagship Project on Financing and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in India. The International bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), Department of International Development (DFID), UK, KfW and GTZ, Germany are the major international partners in the Project. The project comprises of a line of credit of USD 120 million from IBRD and Euro 43.5 million from KfW. The project is about improvment in Business Development Services (BDS) provisioning for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the Fruit and Vegetable Cluster, Pune.

            The MSMEs in Pune and nearby areas (Panchgani, Malabaleshwar and Satara) are covered under this project, however BDS providers and other support insitutions outside pune are to be linked in long run. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises involved in Fruit and Vegetable procesing are in the target group for this project. Apex Cluster Development Services Pvt. Ltd., a Management consultancy firm with Head office in Delhi is implementing the project in Fruit and Vegetable Processing Cluster office in Pune.

            About PuneFoodHub.com
            As a part of this project and in an attempt to bring companies and consultants associated with Food industry together, ACDS, in association with CityIT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has started a B2B Portal PuneFoodHub.com.

            PuneFoodHub.com offers comprehensive e-commerce solution to both Buyers and Suppliers and help them to establish good relationship through our online marketplace. Our Business solutions, by having a complete marketing channel for both Food Suppliers and Buyers, are not limited to e-commerce, but are expanded to series of free services and premium solutions both Online and Offline, including and not limited to Local Food Trade Show Promotion, Magazine Marketing, directory of Pune Food Suppliers, Advertising, Free Sourcing for domestic buyers, E-catalogue, Online showroom, Promotional CD-ROM, Advertising Plan and so on.