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            Welcome to Metalex

            Metalex is an engineering, manufacturing and marketing company with ISO-9001:2000 certificate for Gas Compressors and Valves. It's research, development and continuous commitment to product development has made it a company to reckon in Refrigeration technology application.

            The group, with more than 35 years of field proven experience and practical knowledge for providing solution for the Indian Industry and carving a niche in the global market too. The company's strength is a combination of reliable product backed by highest quality customer after sales service, engineering and technical competence. The sophisticated plant with CNC manufacturing facility is comparable with best available in the world.

            Metalex has been always a merited vendor to it's clients acclaimed for its reliability, quality and consistency.

            Aiming to be a single stop solution provider for the refrigeration industry, Metalex in a very short span of time has enfolded within its ever-increasing brand successfully.

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            Metalex Cryogenics Ltd.,
            407, Bhakti Plaza, Bremen Square,
            Aundh, Pune - 411007. India.

            Phone : +91-20-25881117/18
            Email : Email contact form