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            Frozen Foods



            A good source of beta carotene,with useful amount of Vit C & potassium.
            A good source of dietary fiber.
            Nutrional Value : Fresh peaches contains fiber, especially pectin, a soluble fiber .A cup of frozen peaches contain 235 Calories .

            Company Name : Mandar Food Products

            Frozen deserts

            This range includes delicious Indian desserts that are completely natural, preservative free and economical too. These are available in variety and are are easy to make Indian desserts. An important part of an Indian festivals & celebrations, we offer frozen desserts in variety of packaging to meet buyer's requirement.

            Company Name : VaishVik Foods Pvt. Ltd.

            Frozen Pastes

            We are a well known supplier of fron pastes that are best for quick cooking in domestic & commercial kitchens. Our range includes varies of frozen pastes including that of garlic, ginger, onion, tamarind etc. These are available in the form of frozen Nuggets. Use of modern processing technology assures product hygiene, retainment of food val... read more

            Company Name : VaishVik Foods Pvt. Ltd.

            Frozen Snacks and Meals

            Products to be heated in microwave
            We offer a wide variety of ready to eat food items that can be simply heated in the microwave and consumed. These are hygienically processed food items packed in single use quantity. Ideal for quick cooking, we offer a variety of food items that please the taste buds.

            Company Name : VaishVik Foods Pvt. Ltd.

            Frozen Parantha

            Products to be Heated

            Company Name : VaishVik Foods Pvt. Ltd.

            Frozen Snacks

            Products to be Fried
            From Veg Spring Rolls to Veg Samosas and from Cocktail Corn Patties to Batata Wada, we offer a wide palate of processed Indian snacks that can be simply fried and served. Easy to make, good to taste and nutritional, these frozen snacks food are available in variety of packaging options. We also undertake customi... read more

            Company Name : VaishVik Foods Pvt. Ltd.
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