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            Health & Functional Foods


            T-Lite' Zero Calorie Sweetner

            A low-calorie sugar substitute, T-lite is amongst the more popular sweeteners in the market. A single spoon of sugar contains 50 times the calories that a tablet of T-lite does. So no calories, no sugar, and absolutely no hint of an aftertaste. Perfect for diabetics and weight-watchers alike.

            Company Name : Weikfield Foods Pvt. Ltd.

            White Oats

            Sourced from the highlands of Europe, Weikfield Oats are the healthiest way to start your day. A breakfast that is not only high in fibre, protein, minerals and essential fatty acids, but also your very own cholesterol manager. Regular consumption of Oats dramatically reduces cholesterol levels. In addition to being nutritious, European White Oa... read more

            Company Name : Weikfield Foods Pvt. Ltd.
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