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            Pickles, Chatni


            Mushroom Pickle

            A top seller in the Weikfield basket of condiments, Weikfield’s mushroom pickle is unique for presenting mushrooms in a spicy Indian dressing. The only mushroom pickle available in the Indian market - button mushrooms marinated in tangy masala and mustard oil. Exotic and

            Company Name : Weikfield Foods Pvt. Ltd.

            Dry Chutneys

            Avail the best variety of dry chutneys. These are made using pure ingredients and our modern facility in combination with traditional culinary knowledge, enables us to manufacture a variety of wet chutneys that have home-made taste.

            Company Name : VaishVik Foods Pvt. Ltd.


            Made under controlled environment and using pure & natural ingredients, we offer a wide range of wet chutney like sweet tomato chutney, sweet mango chutney, spicy tomato chutney and spicy mango chutney. These do not contain any kind of chemical preservative or taste enhancers. The different types of wet chutney we offer are available in vari... read more

            Company Name : VaishVik Foods Pvt. Ltd.

            Bittergourd (Karle) pickle

            We produce Bittergourd pickles at our unit. These are Benificial for curing Diebetes and High Bloodpressure.

            Price : Contact for Price

            Company Name : Ruchi Food Products
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